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Horizon by David Baker

MOSA Horizon Exhibition
Opening November 2023

Artists of all abilities walk through the horizon once again to shine brightly in our communities. Leaving behind feelings of loneliness and isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, these artists emerge with works in hand to present these unique pieces in the MOSA Horizon Exhibition.  This exhibition features an eclectic collection of realistic, modern, and abstract works from 18 different artists from across the U.S., Spain, and Canada.  This exhibition is one that will truly leave you inspired as our community celebrates the artistic gifts and talents of artists with disabilities. 

This traveling exhibition opens November 5, 2022, and runs through January 31, 2023, at the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson, MI, and then will travel to King County, Washington where it will open mid-year of 2023. 

MOSA in partnership with the Ella Sharp Museum presents the

2022-23 MOSA Horizon Traveling Exhibition! 

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MOSA Virtual Programs
United Exhibition
January 9th to April 2023
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“In a Worldwide callout, artists with disabilities stand united and
give from their hearts to MOSA!"


Artists with disabilities from across the world unite together to give a piece of their artwork from their hearts to MOSA in the “United” exhibition.  This body of work will be comprised of artwork created by artists with disabilities located throughout the United States and Internationally and will be exhibited at the Edmonds Waterfront Center.

Jan 9 - April 4th 2023

Edmonds Waterfront Center
220 Railroad Ave, Edmonds, WA 98020

Covid-19 Updates:  MOSA's is operating limited virtual art programming.

MOSA continues to serve our community with virtual programming, offsite exhibitions, and innovative programming that provides disability awareness, inclusion, and equitable access in the arts for individuals with disabilities.  As MOSA, slowly transitions out the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, our customers will see a new disability museum emerge that provides dynamic community engagement opportunities in the visual arts. 


MOSA - A Commitment to Excellence!



Museum of Special Art  (MOSA a 501c3 Nonprofit)



MOSA, Museum of Special Art is the first visual arts disability museum of its kind in the State of Washington. It will strive for a commitment to excellence with a foundation in continuous quality improvement.


The vision of MOSA is to engage artistically all members of our community of all ages by providing inclusion opportunities in the area of disability arts to bring forth the

preservation, recognition, and appreciation of the artwork created by artists with disabilities.

MOSA's Mission is to make art accessible to all individuals with disabilities by developing art exhibitions, art programs, and educational opportunities that promote disability awareness and inclusion in our community.