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Artist URCO
Josep August Durán Vergés

Josep August Durán Vergés who was born in Barcelona, Spain is a self-taught painter whose style of work is derived out of an appreciation of abstract expressionism with fragmented geometric figures of animals and people. Josep who has a great passion for training dogs, signs all his paintings and is known as “URCO”.  Urco is a dog in Galician mythology associated with bad fortune however in contrast to this mythology; Josep is a generous and gracious person who feels blessed with good fortune. 

Besides his love for animals, Josep completed studies in dentistry and orthodontics.  But when schizophrenia changed his future plans and his whole world, his sister encouraged him to paint.  He did not know anything about painting but he began to try this art form in the year 2000.  As he began painting, he became more and more enthusiastic and the more he painted, the more his abstract style of painting improved. He soon mastered his technique and developed a new style of painting characterized by the use of intense color influenced by Paul Klee, Miro, Picasso, and Gaudi. 


Through his artwork, “URCO” has the ability to extract the viewer from reality into a fantasy world.  Throughout the trajectory of his work, one can observe the repetition of symbols and the element that one most appreciates is the energetic use of bright colors that possess a dynamic restlessness. His strokes are vigorous and intense, softened with a childlike aura.  With the explosion of colors and forms one perceives the goodness of a person who holds animals and beauty in high esteem. One realizes that his works are a result of a highly sensitive spirit enclosed by strong emotions.

Through “URCO’s” abstract style of painting, the encouragement and support of his family, and the faithful love of his dog, the schizophrenia is mitigating and he is earning more and more awards for his work.

In the words of URCO:

“To imagine is to open the way to something unknown; actually, to something impossible. Dreaming in another reality, I escape from the world that surrounds me and I create another better one.  I close my eyes and I paint...”
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